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New Facebook Layouts Are Rolling Out Again This Week

Jennifer Pierno

Jennifer Pierno

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Jennifer Pierno has experience working with many of Interact’s top clients within Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing and has contributed to Interact in this area for many years. She’s also passionate about proactive learning, meme-making, and always staying on top of the latest industry trends.


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Jennifer Pierno

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Facebook is once again rolling out a new page layout for business pages on desktop. It seems to be rolling out on an account-by-account basis (we had to try 4 accounts before we spotted the new layout), so you may not have it yet. Overall, the look is much cleaner, and will allow you to […]

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3 Lessons Social Media Marketers Can Learn From Big Bird

Last week’s presidential debate had a lot of people talking about winners and losers. One of the biggest winners in terms of marketing was Big Bird or more accurately PBS. After Mitt Romney addressed spending cuts that would affect PBS and the big yellow bird, people latched onto the thought of loosing such an influential character from their childhood and responded with mixed emotions.