Product Sampling & Review Program

Build Positive Reviews, Sell More

We work with more than 500 reviewers, walking them through the product benefits, proper use and differentiators to generate fair, balanced ratings that focus on the positive attributes of a product and its functionality.

Program Specifics

We have developed categorized databases of reviewers, professional product samplers and other influential online consumers. For most products, we provide a product sample for the reviewer to try. For more costly items, loaner programs are available.  Throughout the course of the program we will:

  • Create outbound messaging and email creative inviting targeted members from our reviewer databases to sample and review each product
  • Handle product testing to ensure we know how to best position and explain each item, loaner fulfillment, communications with reviewers, communications to recall inventory after reviews are completed (for loaner programs only), logging of all reviewer activities, and documentation of all online reviews written as part of the program
  • Regular reporting of all online activities, reviews, and program results