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What the Executive Order May Mean for the Future of Social Media

This past month, Twitter rolled out a new “Civic Integrity Policy” which was created to protect the viability of political elections and to reduce the spread of false information associated with them. Shortly after this policy was created, President Trump’s tweet from May 26th was flagged due to Twitter deeming it as providing potentially misleading […]

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SEMrush Study Delivers SEO Community Valuable Insights on Voice Search

Voice search continues to rise and is something that cannot be overlooked. According to Search Engine Land, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. With half of searches accounted for being voice, it is important for businesses to begin optimizing their websites for voice search, or else they will be left […]

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Should You Invest Ad Spend on Social, Search or Both?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on both social media and search engines can drive valuable traffic to your website. No matter where users are in your conversion funnel, ads on the Google and Facebook networks can be leveraged to get customers across the finish line. When our clients come to us asking where their ad spend is […]

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How to Leverage Content Marketing When You Don’t Know What to Say

Just when you think you’ve said all you can say in your blog, think again. Content marketing is a never-ending road of creative work that you should be leveraging consistently. Images, videos, podcasts, and interactive content all contribute to a content strategy to out-do the competition. Remember, content is king – good content that is. […]

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4 Most Creative Digital Marketing Stunts of 2019 (So Far)

Viral digital marketing stunts have officially won over consumers. The modern advertising tactic creates valuable buzz for brands. The stunts can come in the form of pranks, experiences or just a play on marketing industry trends like augmented reality and influencers. Take a look at some of the four most creative digital marketing stunts of […]

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New Data Show Big Changes in the Way Users View Video. Don’t Fall Behind.

Video has become immensely popular on social media, but the way that users are interacting with video give marketers insights into what kind of video should be shared. Not surprisingly, mobile devices lead the pack in the medium most people will be using to consume video content. Shifting Away from Television In a study commissioned […]

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What to Expect When Facebook Sunsets Relevance Score

Just when you thought you mastered Facebook Ads Manager and reporting, think again. If you haven’t already, within the coming weeks you’ll notice that Facebook will no longer offer a relevance score in their advertisement performance metrics. And that’s not all. Get ready to become comfortable with not one new metric, but three! Old Relevance […]

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Facebook Announces Platform Redesign & Privacy Push

On day one of Facebook’s annual conference, F8, Mark Zuckerberg spoke directly about challenges the tech & social media giant has faced in the past, as well as proposed solutions. He emphasized the importance of privacy and even admitted to Facebook’s poor track record of prioritizing users’ data privacy. Though the changes presented are focused […]