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What the Executive Order May Mean for the Future of Social Media

Lindsey Randles combines her creative writing skills and social media expertise to create SEO-driven content. Outside of work, you can find her at local Hudson Valley hiking trails, concerts, or watching HGTV.
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This past month, Twitter rolled out a new “Civic Integrity Policy” which was created to protect the viability of political elections and to reduce the spread of false information associated with them. Shortly after this policy was created, President Trump’s tweet from May 26th was flagged due to Twitter deeming it as providing potentially misleading […]

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4 Most Creative Digital Marketing Stunts of 2019 (So Far)

Viral digital marketing stunts have officially won over consumers. The modern advertising tactic creates valuable buzz for brands. The stunts can come in the form of pranks, experiences or just a play on marketing industry trends like augmented reality and influencers. Take a look at some of the four most creative digital marketing stunts of […]

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Changes to Online Reputation Management Are Coming in 2019

The online reputation of your business is more important now than it ever was, particularly over the past 5 years. With the rise of review websites, influencer marketing, and ecommerce, the way people shop just isn’t the same as it was before the internet. You know why you need an online reputation management strategy. What we […]

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Google Maps Updates with Incredible Detail & Accuracy

Google Maps has been around since 2005, and the GPS service has improved tremendously in the years following. With the rise of smartphones, Google Maps has been there to help millions of people find faraway places, warn about traffic ahead, and find new restaurants in the area. Though Yahoo and MapQuest had been first to […]

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Google’s Guide to the Galaxy

Chris Daley uses his creative eye and active imagination to support the website development and design team at Interact Marketing.
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It seems like Google works to make science fiction dreams into reality on a regular basis.  Almost 40 years ago, Douglas Adams dreamt up a hand-held universal repository of information that could easily provide the user with information on any topic or item. Now, with the upcoming release of Google Lens AI for Google Images, […]

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What’s In WordPress’s Gutenberg Editor

As WordPress keeps us all on the hook waiting for their revolutionary update, the Gutenberg Editor, they’ve released a plugin for beta testing. WordPress 4.8 was recently launched in early June, an update that featured more straightforward text and image editing sidebar widgets. As a whole, the most recent update was far more user friendly […]

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Google Search Data and Predictive Analytics: What We Search on Google Reveals What’s Really Going On

Wouldn’t we all love to peer inside the minds of our customers to see how we could better reach them and serve their needs? With Google, you actually can—to an extent. Google Trends is an online resource that anyone can use to research and compare terms to get statistics on how frequently they’re searched. This […]

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SEO : The Movie Documentary due for release today 6/20/2017.

Today, SEO: The Movie, is due to launch today. This movie about the SEO industry is actually a full-length documentary featuring a varying array of search industry leaders. It is directed and produced by Ignite Visibility’s CEO, John Lincoln, who also narrates the documentary, giving the movie and upbeat and funky feel. The film shows […]