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Amazon Alexa Updates: Third-Party Apps are Added to Alexa Routines

Remember the days when we had to walk outside to know what the weather was like, walk into a restaurant to order coffee, and turn on the radio to hear some music? Well, most of these things can now be done by touching a few buttons on your smartphone or by speaking to your voice […]

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SEMrush Study Delivers SEO Community Valuable Insights on Voice Search

Voice search continues to rise and is something that cannot be overlooked. According to Search Engine Land, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. With half of searches accounted for being voice, it is important for businesses to begin optimizing their websites for voice search, or else they will be left […]

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Everything You Need to Know About an SSL Certificate

Launching your website is a huge step for business owners. You agonize over the site’s copy, the feeling conveyed by the images on your homepage, and overall user experience. You take the recommended security precautions by ensuring your login page isn’t publicly accessible and that you’ve chosen a better username than “admin”. Still, there is […]

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Interact With Us Episode 2: Foundational SEO – Website Uptime & Speed

A solid foundation is absolutely necessary when it comes to running a successful business. The same is true for SEO. In Episode Two of our live series “Interact With Us”, Interact Marketing CEO Joe Beccalori discussed two foundational elements of technical SEO: website uptime and speed. Below is a summary of what you may have […]

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What Google Algorithm Updates in 2018 Taught Us

In 2018, Google really took all of the SEO community, digital marketers and business owners for a ride that had ups and downs, twists and turns and everything in between. The recent March 12th “Florida 2” update has people reeling as well. With each algorithm update, whether it be big or small, SEOs learned a […]

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4 Signs It’s Time to Start SEO (HINT: It Is Time)

Since its inception, search engine optimization is seen either as internet witchcraft by some, or an integral part of their digital marketing strategy to others. The reality is that if you are not leveraging SEO today, at least one of your competitors is. If you’ve been resistant to the idea of investing resources into SEO, […]

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Moz To Update Domain Authority Metric March 5th

A frequently used, but fiercely debated metric in the SEO community is at the center of an announcement by SEO software company Moz. Domain Authority will be updated citing new data in March of 2019. Domain Authority was developed by Moz as a quick way for someone to gauge the authority of a website without […]

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Insight: Changes the SEO Community Anticipates in 2019

In 2019, if you’re only optimizing meta data and loading keywords onto your pages, you’ll be left in the dust by SEO companies pushing the envelope to give search engine crawlers the data they need to bring their sites to the top. Though tried and tested tactics should not be pushed aside entirely, Google has […]

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How Medical Offices Can Leverage Search Engines

Ranking on page one of a search engine like Google has never been more competitive than it is now, even for local businesses. With constant algorithm updates from Google, it is absolutely crucial to stay on top of your website and the latest search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, both generally speaking and drilling down to […]

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Google’s Guide to the Galaxy

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It seems like Google works to make science fiction dreams into reality on a regular basis.  Almost 40 years ago, Douglas Adams dreamt up a hand-held universal repository of information that could easily provide the user with information on any topic or item. Now, with the upcoming release of Google Lens AI for Google Images, […]