Pay Per Click Campaigns

On Search Engines

Running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign through Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo! is a great way to get yourself listed at the top of first page search engine results very quickly for the search phrases that are important to you. The best part is, you only pay to be shown there when someone actually clicks on one of your ads!

Our Google AdWords Certified staff members will leverage our status as a Certified Google Partner Agency to make sure your ad campaign is as effective as possible, taking advantage of all of the advanced features AdWords has to offer and maximizing your ad spend. We then extend campaigns to second-tier search engines like Bing and Yahoo!  Here are just some of the ways we are involved in making sure your campaign is a success:

  • Optimizing bids based on keyword performance to improve conversion and reduce wasted ad spend
  • Optimizing and testing ads against one another to improve click through rates
  • Running A/B tests within the campaign and with landing pages
  • Landing page optimization to improve quality scores and lower cost per click
  • Monitoring competitor ads
  • Leveraging the many ad extensions available (callouts, sitelinks, call extensions, etc.)

On Other Websites

Bring Visitors Back To Your Site

Driving visitors to the website is only one aspect of a successful campaign. Often overlooked, is what the visitor does when they arrive. For visitors that do not take the desired action on the site before leaving (i.e. requesting a quote, placing a call, etc.) we can retarget them through Google’s Display Network so that they continue to see graphical ads for your company as they browse other websites. We can highly target these ads based on what they looked at while on the website so that they are seeing ads that are most relevant to their interests. This form of advertising helps keep you top of mind, gives you brand impressions, and help brings visitors back to your website to encourage a conversion.

Get Exposure on Major Websites

Using Google’s display network we can have your ads show on other websites that your potential client and customers are likely to visit.  Our AdWords Certified team will help identify the best possible placements for your graphical ads. The best part? You’ll only pay when they get clicked!