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Should You Invest Ad Spend on Social, Search or Both?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on both social media and search engines can drive valuable traffic to your website. No matter where users are in your conversion funnel, ads on the Google and Facebook networks can be leveraged to get customers across the finish line. When our clients come to us asking where their ad spend is […]

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Facebook To Eliminate Ad Set Budgets by September 2019

Facebook recently announced that they will be shifting most budgeting capabilities to the campaign level by September 2019 for all advertisers on the social network. The move is likely due to the increasing competition for ad placement in news feeds as Facebook works to strike the right balance between placing revenue generating content and making […]

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Facebook Collaborative Ads Will Create New Opportunities for Advertisers

We have been able to leverage Facebook’s ad platform in incredible ways over the years as it has developed. Sleek collection ads and instant experience formats are impressive, but so many social media marketers grapple with Facebook’s competitive newsfeed and return on ad spend metrics. Facebook has been working to make changes to both improve […]

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What Facebook Admins Should Do that Other Checklists Don’t Mention

Businesses can leverage social media to share updates and engage on a more personal level with customers and fans. What’s great about a Facebook Business Page is that you have insights into incredible data that can help you grow your business and compete in your industry. If you’re just establishing a Facebook Business Page now […]

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Do Google’s Changes to their Shopping Platform Go Far Enough?

After news of the European Union’s $2.7 billion antitrust fine on Google broke in June, Google’s been making changes to its shopping interface to be in compliance with the regulatory body. The fine came as a result of EU officials’ objections to the way Google’s shopping interface was essentially “monopolizing” online shopping. The EU concluded […]