What to Expect When Facebook Sunsets Relevance Score

facebook relevance score

Just when you thought you mastered Facebook Ads Manager and reporting, think again. If you haven’t already, within the coming weeks you’ll notice that Facebook will no longer offer a relevance score in their advertisement performance metrics. And that’s not all. Get ready to become comfortable with not one new metric, but three!

Old Relevance Score

For those seasoned in Facebook advertising, you probably know that relevance score measured how relevant an ad was to the targeted audience. While this metric may have seemed helpful, it really didn’t give marketers tangible insights into how they should be changing their ads to better reach their audiences. When the relevance score is below average, let’s say 5 or below, the source of the low score could come from a number of factors. There was really no indication of whether you should adjust the ad creative, copy, targeting criteria or the landing page experience. As of April 30th, 2019, Facebook began removing this metric and will begin rolling out their three new ones.

New Metrics

screenshot of Facebook's replacement metrics for relevance score

Here are the three new relevance metrics Facebook is introducing within the coming months:

  • Quality ranking: Your ad’s perceived quality compared to other ads competing for the same audience.
  • Engagement rate ranking: Your ad’s expected engagement rate compared to other ads competing for the same audience.
  • Conversion rate ranking: Your ad’s expected conversion rate compared to other ads with the same optimization goal (awareness, conversion, consideration) and competing for the same audience.

What this means for marketers:

Facebook replacing relevance score with three new relevance metrics will hopefully give marketers better insights into how they should be tweaking their ads for better performance. Keep in mind, just as with the old relevance score, these new metrics are not used in the auction to determine how an ad will perform, rather they are used solely by the marketers to improve advertising. When ads are better, the whole Facebook community benefits.

Advertising on Facebook requires both experience with the platform and expertise in what is proven to work. Contact us if you would like to discuss your Facebook advertising strategy.


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