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How to Increase your Social Media Audience through the Creation of Tabs

With social media playing an increasingly important role in marketing, it is important to know how to increase your audience among social media and effectively market your brand. Creating additional tabs on your Facebook profile can help increase your audience. Before creating a new tab, keep the following in mind. 1. Know your audience. Before […]

The difference Between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Networking

What’s the deal? Is there аny point to drilling dоwn tо the differences bеtwееn social media marketing аnd social media networking? There moѕt defіnitely iѕ аnd I’ll gеt tо that іn a minute. First off, lеt’s get a clear definition of each: Social media marketing means tо syndicate content (take yоur content from yоur blog/website […]

Google+ vs. Facebook: The Battle Continues

On Thursday, December 8th, Google released the newest addition to their social network Google+. Schemer is an activities recommendation engine with invite only beta aimed to challenge Facebook’s event application. Schemer allows circles within your Google+ network to divulge information about what activities you are doing at the moment such as taking a walk, or […]

Facebook Ad’s are More Effective

Facebook has been featuring advertisements on their website for quite some times now. Since the beginning, they have been encouraging advertisers everywhere to buy advertising space and make the advertisement look like a status update or an activity that most Facebook users already do. They have also claimed that by executing this promotional strategy advertisers […]

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