Facebook Ad’s are More Effective

Facebook has been featuring advertisements on their website for quite some times now. Since the beginning, they have been encouraging advertisers everywhere to buy advertising space and make the advertisement look like a status update or an activity that most Facebook users already do. They have also claimed that by executing this promotional strategy advertisers will see better results than when they advertise on Facebook as opposed to other websites or even television. Studies show that Facebook’s claims have been right on point.

Two studies that were recently released by NeuroFocus, a Berkley based unit of Nielsen that analyzes how certain types of marketing effects brainwave patterns. One study found that Facebook does engage people’s emotions more deeply than other popular websites, such as Yahoo and the New York Times. The second study looked at identical advertisements that were shown on television, corporate websites, and Facebook. These studies concluded that the advertisements displayed on Facebook scored better in regards to attention and emotional engagement.

These findings are especially important to Facebook who has had a difficult time communicating to perspective advertisers that they can get the same results, if not better results, than advertising on television by advertising on their website. These studies confirm that Facebook does have the tools to reach audiences in a way that is similar to television. If Facebook can continue captivating audiences like they have in the past, they upcoming $100 billion dollar IPO valuing might finally be justified.

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Joe Beccalori CEO
Joe Beccalori is a twenty-five-year digital marketing veteran and industry thought leader. After working for fifteen years in enterprise web programming, design, and marketing services he founded Interact Marketing in November 2007 and is currently the company CEO, visionary, and public speaker. He is also a contributing author on Forbes, Huffington Post, and Relevance.com. In December of 2017, Interact's parent company also acquired Slingshot SEO.
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