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87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve. Should you include Pinterest in your mix? Increase use of video marketing? Is blogging coming back or trailing off? What will likely be the hot trends in social media over the next couple of years? […]

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Want Your Facebook Fans To Be More Active? Here’s A Simple Trick That Works …

This Facebook Fan Page tip is from Bipper Media, a content social media marketing firm that helps local small business connect to new customers, and generate more exposure for their brand, products, and services. Having a Facebook Fan Page is a great thing for any business regardless of their size. A Facebook Fan Page is […]

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Social media marketing research shows Pinterest as most important platform for …

Surveys show it creates a stronger connection with retailers than Facebook or Twitter. Though social media marketing has become wildly important over the last couple of years – particularly with the rapidly increasing penetration of smartphones – actually knowing how to go about using it and choosing the platform(s) on which to concentrate has presented […]

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B2B Marketing Social Networks for more Business Leads

Social Media Marketing has been one of the most successful marketing strategies for marketers and companies online in recent years. There are some major social media communities and emerging social media communities that can help business to improve marketing strategies online. These social media networks help in providing b2b marketing solutions and generate quality marketing […]

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Social Signals are Taking Over Backlinking in SEO, Daniel Tan Speculated

Google’s Penguin update lately has sent many sites exploiting backlinks under the sea, undiscoverable. The question is, has Social Signal replaced backlink as the new “vote”? (PRWEB) June 02, 2012 Savvy web marketers are turning to social media marketing to boost their social signals and spending less time on backlinking efforts due to the new […]

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Social Media Marketing – The Marketing Strategy Of Today

Every business needs to have a plan or strategy that will guide its efforts. You can do this by learning the best methods of using social media marketing. If you do not provide interesting content and an appealing profile, it will be difficult to maintain an effective online presence. Take time to write and proofread […]

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Social Marketing: No Longer ‘Separate, Disconnected, Cute and Experimental’

Buddy Media now has a very special buddy: Salesforce, which has signed an agreement to purchase the social marketing agency for $689 million (up to $745 million, according to the SEC filing.) It’s the largest deal ever done by and the largest acquisition of a New York City tech company in the last five years. […]

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How to Increase your Social Media Audience through the Creation of Tabs

With social media playing an increasingly important role in marketing, it is important to know how to increase your audience among social media and effectively market your brand. Creating additional tabs on your Facebook profile can help increase your audience. Before creating a new tab, keep the following in mind. 1. Know your audience. Before […]

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Consumers want ‘free stuff’ from social, marketers think they ‘want to be heard’

According to the 1,300-plus consumers surveyed online globally, there was found to be an expectation that a brand follow, like, post or preference in a social media environment would enable a person to; be eligible for exclusive offers (67%), have the opportunity to interact with other customers who share the same experiences (60%) and gain […]

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The difference Between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Networking

What’s the deal? Is there аny point to drilling dоwn tо the differences bеtwееn social media marketing аnd social media networking? There moѕt defіnitely iѕ аnd I’ll gеt tо that іn a minute. First off, lеt’s get a clear definition of each: Social media marketing means tо syndicate content (take yоur content from yоur blog/website […]