Common SEO Mistakes

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is an online marketing strategy that aims at ensuring websites rank high in search results of search engines. Internet users tend to trust the information they find on the first pages of search engines. Unless they are specifically looking for a particular business, they tend to settle on the ones that rank first. Just like any marketing strategy, SEO has to be properly planned and done. Failure to which, the business does not grow. Here are a few SEO mistakes that people make.


Failure to conduct adequate keyword research

The internet is governed by keywords. Depending on a niche, there are certain keywords that users are likely to use. Doing SEO without using relevant keywords is a foolish thing as the website will never appear when the missed keyword is searched for. Before doing the optimization, one should ensure that all the commonly searched keywords, however awkward, have been incorporated.

Using sites that cannot be properly indexed

Spider programs and robots from search engines are supposed to index a site. If this is not possible, one cannot generate the required traffic. Certain factors make it difficult for a website to be indexed. These include overuse of images, code elements like java script and flash animations.

Low value back links

Link building is an important marketing strategy. However, one should also ensure that quality supersedes quantity. There is no use having a full list of irrelevant and useless websites linked to one’s own website. It is better to have one relevant site linked to ones site as opposed to having numerous low value sites. An example of sites to avoid is spam sites.

Focusing to the search engine as opposed to visitors

As much as good SEO will attract good traffic, one should ensure that the website content is worthwhile. When people realize that a sites attraction is only based on high ranking and lack of useful content, they will mark it as irrelevant and time-wasting. One should ensure that the needs of consumers and clients are addressed. This will increase the number of people who visit the site as satisfied visitors will spread the word about the immaculate nature of the site.

Failure to update the site regularly

People look for new content everyday. We live in a world where information is power. Most people stick to websites that are informative, with original and factual content. Recycling content only bores the site visitors and it is only a matter of time before traffic dramatically reduces.

Failing to link top pages

These are the pages that feature the most valuable content in the site. Naturally, it is the homepage which talks about the site and tries to lure visitors to actually take their time in the site.
It is essential for one to avoid these mistakes in order to attract good traffic and increase the sites popularity.

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This article originally appeared on SEO PAL Blog and has been republished with permission.

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