5 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners

Most people tend to start their own blog or website for different reasons. Some of them might want to sell stuff, earn some money blogging, build their online portfolio and others just want to share their personal thoughts. In order for their sites to be successful they need to have visitors or readers. These readers can be anyone looking for interesting things. Visitors can come from word of mouth like when your friend tells his other friends to visit your site, others from article directories or in most cases from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO or search engine optimization is the most important thing your site needs to have. This will drive a lot of traffic to your site and more visitors mean more earnings. So how do you optimize your site for search engines? Here are the basic things you can do to optimize your site.

1. Write Catchy Title Posts
Writing a catchy title post will have people using search engines to visit your site since they find it interesting. It is more interesting to people when they see the title something like “Basic SEO Tips for Beginners” rather than having a title of “SEO Tips”. Having also a unique title post can help with SEO.

2. Use Images
Using images in your post and naming them accordingly can help in search engine optimization. Some people would use a search engine to look for images and if you have that image on your website, then people will take a look on your site. Don’t ever use copyrighted images since this is against the law and the owner of the image can take legal actions against you.

3. High Quality Articles
A lot of changes have taken place when it comes to search engine optimization. Search engines now rank your site base on the quality of the contents on your site. Your content should be readable, unique and full of information rather than just a bunch of keywords stuffed type of article.
You can still use your keywords in your articles but make sure to place them in a natural way and don’t overdo it. People tend to turn away once they see a lot of similar words in the article.

4. Use Social Media Sites
The least expensive way of doing SEO is to use Social Media sites. Today social media sites are given a lot of credibility and sharing information has never been this easy. Share every post on your site on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media sites.
Your content can even go viral once people like the information it has. Just keep it in moderation and don’t spam these sites since spamming people with your site’s link would not help.

5. Quality Backlinks
Building a lot of backlinks using low quality sites will not help with SEO. You need to build backlinks using high quality sites. This can be quite hard to do since you need to spend time and money but trust me, it will pay off sooner or later.

You can do these basic tips today by yourself, but if you prefer someone to do it for you. I advise that you use an SEO service or hire a professional to do it for you.


This article is an original contribution by Jomer Gregorio.

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