Changes to Online Reputation Management Are Coming in 2019

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The online reputation of your business is more important now than it ever was, particularly over the past 5 years. With the rise of review websites, influencer marketing, and ecommerce, the way people shop just isn’t the same as it was before the internet. You know why you need an online reputation management strategy. What we expect in 2019 to cultivate a stellar online reputation is a result of the state of digital marketing as a whole. Here are our tips for your company to stay ahead:

If you haven’t claimed your social media usernames, do that right now.

Having an active social presence is certainly a best practice for your digital marketing strategy, but for some small business owners, managing multiple social media accounts is a daunting task that they’ve been putting off. We’re here to tell you that if you don’t have at least a Facebook page, drop everything and do that as soon as possible. The last thing you want to have happen is for someone to take your proprietary username, which could greatly prohibit your clients and customers from finding you. Simply claiming your business’ name on social media can help you avoid headaches down the road.

It doesn’t matter what your rating is today, that could change tomorrow.

Do you have just a few star ratings on your Google map listings or other online directories? One soured customer relationship could tank your reputation and cost your business real money. Be proactive in asking satisfied customers and clients to share their experiences on a few key places that matter in your industry. Of course, do everything you can to make sure your customers are raving fans and do what you can to leave them thinking of you favorably if an issue does arise. Customer reviews are increasingly used as a determinant in the buying process.

Decide whether influencer marketing is right for your business.

Younger generations are increasingly finding new products and services from online influencers. Whether it’s a blogger with a massive email list or an instagrammer with tens of thousands of followers, a shoutout from them can be incredibly effective in showing your business in a positive light. This article from Forbes lays out data from Nielson which shows just how effective influencer campaigns can be. For smaller local businesses, influencer marketing might not be the best option, but asking customers to recommend you on Facebook is a great alternative.

Keep an eye on your competition.

For larger brands that are fighting for Millennials’ attention, “throwing shade” at the competition has become a popular, humorous way to spark engagement. Wendy’s is famous for doing this regularly. However unlikely that your competitor will pursue this tactic, more subtle advertisements about the way your business is run could send customers packing. Be sure to monitor what competitors are posting and doing online that could change the public’s perception of you.

Know what customers are searching for and answer the question before someone else does.

Have you ever noticed what pops up on the suggested search function of Google when you look up your brand name? If people are searching for it, you need to make sure you have an answer for it. It’s not uncommon for competitors to hijack keywords related to your business in the hopes of stealing some of your traffic. Make sure your website displays the information prominently in an SEO-friendly manner.

Interact Marketing helps businesses take control of their online reputation. With over a decade of experience under their belt, they’ve stayed on the pulse of the industry as it’s changed.

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