Online Reputation Management

Interact Marketing’s in-house programmers have developed an unparalleled online reputation monitoring tool to help evaluate the online conversation and alert companies, brands and people about relevant online content. We aggregate the following online content channels and pull them into our Image Smart Report CardSM to save our clients time and money and avert crises:

  • Online news outlets
  • Complaint sites
  • Rating and review sites
  • Consumer advocacy sites
  • Social media sites
    • Blogs
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Facebook and other social networking sites

People we commonly assist with reputation management:

  • CEOs and executives
  • Celebrities and professional athletes
  • Policymakers
  • Other public figures

Interact’s Image Smart Report CardSM

Interact systematically communicates with clients to alert them to what’s being said—where and by whom. We color code all Internet findings, with conversations appearing in Red, Yellow and Green; Red meaning negative, Yellow neutral and Green positive. This visual representation of the online conversation is an effective dashboard to help companies quickly evaluate what is being said to determine the appropriate course of action. Then, when hired to improve your image, we demonstrate progress with each monthly or weekly report we generate. We also offer a service that provides personnel to respond to hostile tweets, posts and bloggers.

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There is far more user-generated content on the Web than ever before, mostly because of the vast number of blogs and websites that offer interactive dialog options to visitors. These sites often have very low barriers of entry — simply requiring an anonymous screen name and valid email address to leave comments, which may or may not be true.

How We Protect Reputations Online

Interact creates and promotes positive messaging results on page one of Google, Yahoo! and Bing for key phrases relevant to the companies, people and brands we represent. We focus on managing the first page or two of “natural” search and utilize the following tools to achieve our clients’ goals:

  • Content development
  • Internet PR /online content distribution
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization (see Interact’s SEO services for additional information)

Businesses are online. Who else is online?

  • Customers
  • Consumer advocacy groups
  • Critics (e.g., complaint sites)
  • Media (e.g., consumer reporters)
  • Advocates
  • Competitors
  • General public
  • FTC and other governing bodies

So, it is vital to protect your reputation and manage the online conversation.

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Build Positive Reviews, Sell More

We work with online reviewers, walking them through the product benefits, proper use and differentiators to generate fair, balanced ratings that focus on the positive attributes of a product and its functionality.

Program Specifics

We have developed categorized databases of reviewers, professional product samplers and other influential online consumers. For most products we provide a product sample for the reviewer to try. For more costly items, loaner programs are available.  Throughout the course of the program we will:

  • Create outbound messaging and email creative inviting targeted members from our reviewer databases to sample and review each product
  • Handle product testing to ensure we know how to best position and explain each item, loaner fulfillment, communications with reviewers, communications to recall inventory after reviews are completed (for loaner programs only), logging of all reviewer activities, and documentation of all online reviews written as part of the program
  • Report all online activities, reviews, and program results