What Is an SEO Content Writer?

An SEO content writer is someone who provides writing, usually in the form of short articles, for websites for the purposes of SEO. Your writing helps online businesses rank higher in search results.

Wait, back up… what’s SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Want your client’s website to show up first in a list of Google search results? That’s what optimization is for. Getting to the top of search engine results is the holy grail.

As an SEO content writer, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of SEO, just the basic idea. Ideally, content writing should be one piece of a comprehensive strategy that your client will already have worked out. They just need you to write the articles for them.

Why don’t they write their own articles? Well, first, not everyone’s an eloquent writer. Second, not everyone knows the secrets of optimization. And finally, clients are often just plain busy. So, they outsource their writing tasks to you.

Now, how do your articles help them get to the top of search results? They make effective use of certain factors search engines use to determine who appears higher in results. Those factors include keyword density, keyword placement, content length, links, and more. We’ll be talking about these factors more in later articles.

These and other factors are the trade secrets of SEO writing. They may seem arcane at first, but it’s not too difficult once you get the hang of it.

So, what’s an SEO content writer? It’s someone who gets online clients ranked higher in search results by means of optimized writing.

It’s not difficult to see why such writing is valuable. In today’s fast-paced, time-crunched business world, taking the time to write content is often a task best outsourced. Leave it to those who know just how to arrange the article to please the search engines, without sacrificing readability for a live human audience. Most of all, considering the fright with which many put pen to paper, why not just let a confident writer take all those worries away?

That’s why clients are willing to pay you good money for optimized content.

And you thought that four-year degree in English was worthless!

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