The 5 factors that affect the SEO of your website

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Today it is impossible to think that it is just enough to build a website to succeed online.  The whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system has evolved both with consumers and search engines. To succeed it is necessary to do multiple SEO activities related to your website in order to achieve the expected result and get a ‘Return on Investment’ ROI +1.

1. Optimize your website: SEO  is certainly the cornerstone for achieving the cherished goal of being on the first page of Google. To do this it is necessary to have optimal programming (clean code) on your site and constantly updated it to show that your web site is dynamic.  Using a content management system like WordPress can help simplify this.

2. Blogs: All respected websites have a blog that shows the companies market news, promotions, and trends.  You need to make it something useful for the community.  Many Fortune 500 companies use blogs as a way to distribute information to their consumers.

3. Social Networks: Web 2.0 is based on sharing experiences through social mechanisms, messaging, photos, videos, and professional profiles, among others. And these free platforms expanding your site in the social world.  If you company is not on Face Book, Twitter, Flickr or any of the other major social media sites, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

4. Directories: Being listed in the main directory for your company’s specialty will give you a greater presence of incoming links to your website and incoming links are very good for your SEO.  The general public will also look for companies in these specialized directories, being there makes it easier for them to find you.  Open Directory ProjectSalehoo and World Wide Web Virtual Library are just a few of the directories you should be listed in.

5. Marketing: Search Engine Marketing is a marketing strategy that when well used will allows your site to reach specialized segments that are relevant to your business. Advertising can be in search engines, your website, social media, friend’s sites, directories, and many others.  You can use a mix of FREE and paid advertising campaigns to promote your site.

When you start a web project think about these variables, ask yourself what points you have and which ones do you need.  Ask yourself if you are using them correctly and get help in the areas that you need help.  Search Engine Optimization is a tricky subject and one of great discussion around the world.  Do your research so you do not create a website B2N (business to Nobody).

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