Social Media Marketing Trends, Highlights of 2011, According to Mashable

Social media marketing strategies are now a must for a business of any size. Whether it be a slave to posting Facebook updates or tweeting 140 characters consistently throughout the day, a business needs to be, pretty much in a customer’s face and build a reliable brand that people can trust.

Each company has different social media marketing techniques, but what are some of the best ones?

Ian Schafer, CEO of digital agency Deep Focus, says 2011 was a year in which “roots grew deeper” in social media, but nothing fundamentally changed, reports Mashable writer Todd Wasserman.

That’s good news to business owners still trying to get a handle on social media and its jargon–hashtag, follow, likes, DM, check in, timeline, etc. Then there are the social media sites to have to get to know and become comfortable with. The more well-known are Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, but add to the list Yelp, Groupon, FourSquare, OPenTable, TripAdvisor, AngiesList, Flickr, Godwalla–just to name a few.

It’s all about visibility and having people recognize — and respect enough to recommend — your brand.

So what did Mashable writer Wasserman say were 2011’s top social media marketing trends and highlights? Here’s his list:

Google +

Facebook’s Overhaul

Twitter’s Ascendance

Daily Deals Shakeout

Augmented Reality Goes Mainstream

Novelty Apps

See the list and Wasserman’s descriptions of each media sitehere. The article, posted around 8 a.m. Pacific Standard, already has 155 Facebook “likes,” 468 LinkedIn shares and 1,550 Tweets.

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