Social Media and SEO: A Match Made in Heaven?

With the new Google algorithm giving everyone a minor case of ajada, one has to keep in mind that change is a good thing! One specific tweak that helps boost social media’s appeal to SEO associates is the freshness tweak. This tweak promotes the most recent content published on a website, blog or social media site to rank number 1. Considering that most social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are free, why not sign up your business or company? This way you can keep your friends or followers up to date regarding the “what’s going on’s” of your company and SEO associates in marketing companies can ensure that Google will easily recognize it and help your business in the rankings.

A recent article by discusses research that has put a twist on the old fan favorite game of six degrees of Kevin Bacon. The theory is that everyone in the world is separated by no more than six people. (or in regards to the game, everyone is connected to Kevin Bacon by no more than six people) However, it looks like a new game is afoot called 4 degrees of Facebook! This study done by a university in Milan Italy concludes that “99.6% of all pairs of users are connected by paths with 5 degrees (6 hops), 92% are connected by only four degrees (5 hops),” with the average “distance” between users getting smaller over time.” Facebook narrowed those results further by researching people in a single country, in which case everyone is connected by no less than 3 people.

This can be taken into consideration when thinking about SEO because the more you post on Facebook or any social media site for that matter the more that there is a chance for the information to spread among the masses through everyone’s degrees of separation. Looks like social media and SEO are going live happily ever after.

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