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In preparation for 2012, many communications professionals are
planning ways to build successful social media strategies to support
the goals and objectives of their companies and clients. Marketing,
public relations, customer service, product development and community
management professionals alike have realized that social media can
play an important role within their companies, but are uncertain how
to implement a social media strategy, convince their C-suites of the
value of social media within their organizations, or attribute value
and revenue from their investments in social media tools and

Marketwire and Sysomos have assembled a broad range of educational
assets designed to support the key objectives of many 2012 social
media marketing and business plans, including brand awareness and
reputation management, audience engagement, client retention and lead
generation, and increased revenue. From case studies to webinars,
these assets provide techniques and expert advice to help readers
understand how to:

– Build a business case for social media within the organization;

– Master audience engagement by navigating traditional and social
media; and,

– Incorporate social media monitoring and analytics tools into
day-to-day business operations.

The Sysomos Business Library for Social Media

White papers, reports, webinars and other information-rich assets
outline ways to capitalize on social media conversations and
interactions, and help companies discover how to immediately impact
their businesses using social media. The content is practical and
insightful, and goes beyond the basics of social media education to
illustrate how social media can positively impact every area of a
company. The Sysomos Business Library for Social Media (#BLSM)
showcases real-world applications in the areas of campaign promotion
and management, customer service, product and offer development and

White papers and reports are available for download in the Business
Library for Social Media, and select titles include:

– “Social Media: Your Marketing and Promotional Campaign Compass”

– “The 24/7 Customer Experience: Automating and Improving Customer
Service Through the Social Web”

– “Generating Sales Leads through the Social Stream”

– “Four Social Media Monitoring Service Models for Agencies”

– “Building a Business Case for Social Media”

– “Data vs. Insight: Gaining Actionable Business Insights by
Monitoring Social Media Conversations”

Webinars in the Business Library for Social Media include:

– “How to Read Your Campaign Compass,” with Catherine Allen

– “The 24/7 Customer Experience: Automating Customer Service Through
the Social Web,” with Guy Stephens

– “Going Back to Get to the Future: Reading the Market’s Memory for
Product Development Initiatives,” with Paul Gillin

– “Tapping the Flow: Generating Sales Leads Through the Social
Stream,” with Mark Evans

– “Use the Social Web to Deliver Client Pitches that Win New Business
Every Time,” with Eli Singer

– “Impacting Business with Social Media,” with Brian Solis

6-chapter eBook, “Mastering Audience Engagement: Your Role in a New
Media World”

This free eBook is designed to help communication and marketing
professionals connect with audiences, drive engagement with their
customers and key stakeholders, and build strong relationships with
those who can impact their brands and businesses. Marketwire’s eBook
includes insights and best practices from some of the foremost
experts and thought leaders in communications and social media,
including: Deirdre Breakenridge, Mark Evans, Sally Falkow, Paul
Gillin, Rebecca Lieb, David Meerman Scott and Brian Solis. Since its
introduction in June 2011, there have been more than 12,000 downloads
of the eBook’s six chapters, which include:

– Chapter 1: “Listen. You Can’t Answer the Questions You Don’t Hear.”

– Chapter 2: “Plan. How Can You Measure Success If You Don’t Know
What Success Looks Like?”

– Chapter 3: “Create. Presto! You’re a Publisher.”

– Chapter 4: “Share. Hello. My Name Is?”

– Chapter 5: “Engage. No More Sitting on the Edge of the Pool ? It’s
Time To Dive In.”

– Chapter 6: “Analyze. Are We There Yet?”

6-part webinar series, “Supercharge Your PR Program with Social

Designed for PR practitioners across all industries, this webinar
series illustrates how to use social media intelligence to build
stronger PR plans, create content and conversations that engage
audiences, and tie PR efforts directly to increased revenue.
Successful PR today relies on bridging traditional and new media and
learning how to take advantage of the rich tapestry of online social
interaction. Marketwire’s webinar series makes a case not only for
why public relations departments should assume corporate ownership of
social media but also how new tactics and tools can help
practitioners more effectively quantify and report on their efforts.

– “Building a Business Case for PR to Take Back Social Media,” with
Sally Falkow, APR, social media strategist and president, Meritus
Media. This event will be held on Thursday, December 1, and you can
register here.

– “PR: That Was Then, This Is Now,” with Todd Defren, principal,
SHIFT Communications

– “Designing a Social Media-Optimized PR Program,” with Shonali
Burke, ABC, principal, Shonali Burke Consulting

– “Creating Content and Conversations,” with Rebecca Lieb,
consultant, author and speaker

– “Working Your Plan: Going Beyond the Masses,” with David Bradfield,
director of marketing, strategy and social experience, SapientNitro

– “Assigning Value to Your PR Program,” with Angela Sinickas,
president, Sinickas Communications, Inc.

Sysomos Case Studies

Sysomos clients use MAP (Media Analysis Platform) and Heartbeat to
monitor the social sphere and improve their engagement with audiences
and key stakeholders, better align their communication strategies
with target audiences, and find the pulse of the global social
community. Featured case studies show real-world examples of
organizations using the intelligence and insight gleaned from social
media monitoring for their brand and reputation management, crisis
communications and message control, and cross-channel promotion
efforts. The Sysomos case studies provide a full-circle view of how
social media monitoring can add real intelligence to business, align
online and offline efforts and build better, stronger relationships
with customers.


– Learn more about social media monitoring with Sysomos MAP and

– Explore the Sysomos business library for social media for ways to
immediately impact your business using social media

– Read the Sysomos and Marketwire blogs: or

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About Marketwire

Marketwire advances the way the world communicates by electronically
delivering news and information to traditional, new and social media
audiences, including newspapers, magazines, databases, analyst
terminals, online portals, blogs, and more. Marketwire maximizes the
power of its clients’ communications by leveraging the latest in
search engine optimization, multimedia, social media, monitoring and
new technologies. Sysomos, a Marketwire company, provides
unparalleled business intelligence for social media through advanced
monitoring and analytics. Serving more than 12,000 clients worldwide
through 20 offices on four continents, Marketwire is a dominant
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Marketwire is majority-owned by OMERS Private Equity, which manages
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About Sysomos

Sysomos offers social media monitoring and analytics products that
give corporations, marketers, public relations agencies and
advertisers the intelligence and insight needed to make smarter
business and strategic decisions. The Sysomos platform brings
business intelligence to social media, giving you instant and
unlimited access to all social media conversations so you can quickly
see what’s happening, why it’s happening and who’s driving the
conversations. Through the use of contextual text analytics and data
mining technology, Sysomos collects billions of social media
conversations from blogs, Twitter, social networks, message boards,
wikis and a growing number of major news sources.

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