Plus Size Men in Tights…

As even the most football adverse viewers know, the Super Bowl appeals to the masses because it’s more than just the annual telecast of a major sports competition. It’s a marketing bonanza and online businesses have reaped big benefits by pitching during the big game. Viewers who enjoy the commercials can watch uncut versions on the Web. Savvy online marketers meet these potential buyers online and turn them into regular paying customers by offering freebies and special discounts. Most marketers don’t have $3 million to spend for 30-seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl but everyone can learn about the power of leveraging one promotional spot so it has widespread and long-lasting impact.  Take, which was almost unknown six years ago until vaunting into the limelight when it aired a spoof of Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction.” The online job listing site CareerBuilder overtook Monster thanks in part to the buzz over its Super Bowl ad in 2005.




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