Better social media marketing tied to growing customer satisfaction in …

Market research firm comScore recently reported that customers in the financial industry are happier now than they were at this time last year. Effective internet marketing campaigns and greater web capability are the primary factors behind this improved reputation, according to comScore.

Consumers are using mobile apps and online banking to manage their finances more than ever before. However, they are also leveraging improved social media marketing capability from banks. ComScore reports that consumers are also increasingly accessible to financial institutions with social media campaigns as customers’ visitation to leading sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter grew 31 percent in 2011.

There is more room for growth, though, with just 8 percent of web users interacting with a financial institution on the web.

The frequency with which users turn to the web to conduct banking activity is growing substantially. Nearly 66 percent of all users pay bills with debit or credit cards online. Many of these users rely on the web for their news and other information relating to their finances. As such, banks and other financial institutions can help their customers by providing information in the form of search-friendly content marketing. News content marketing could help banks share company updates and branded insights or tips on the latest financial developments while incorporating a keyword strategy to boost SERP standing.

Despite comScore’s report of more time spent online researching or managing finances, Brafton recently reported that just 19 percent of banks believe they are doing an effective job of leveraging the web to boost visibility.

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