Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

The immense number of people participating in the social media web today has caused many businesses to increase their investment in the growing social media marketing field. Now more than ever small businesses are including social media in their marketing goals. Below are a few of the benefits for small business owners.

Increase Online Discussions Regarding Your Business
Successful use of social media leads to a lot more talk about your brand and business online. When your message works with your users, they will spread your message more effectively than traditional methods of advertising. Regular interaction with your target audience can help spread positive word of mouth for your business/brand. The connection between the users of your social media profiles and their peers can help generate qualified business leads due to recommendations and reviews coming from a more genuine source (friends and family).

Improved Online Visibility
Increased exposure amongst the prominent social media networks can help any small business reach a new audience. This doesn’t mean the traffic will equate to new business, but it may create momentum in the right direction.

Free to Use
Currently most social media sites provide profiles at no cost to the user. Each profile provides a business with a digital identity within each social media networking community. Budget conscience businesses can take comfort in the fact that making use of these social media sites will not incur any additional costs or expenses.

Flexible Marketing
Social media provides business owners with the flexibility to incorporate their current traditional marketing and provide it to a different audience. Traditionally paper and print marketing is targeted at a more general level which doesn’t allow for the immediate and intimate connections and conversations with your audience.

Personal Touch
Social media provides business owners with the ability to add a “personal” touch to their profiles. Additionally, allowing your target audience to gain a better understanding of your services and your business model in the process.

Small businesses can find great value in a well-executed social media marketing campaign. Each profile provides a medium for increased exposure of your business and brand. Keeping your local community informed of services and specials can not only provide qualified leads but may also spread positive “word of mouth” throughout a community. The value in social media for small business clearly should not be over looked.

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Joe Beccalori CEO
Joe Beccalori is a twenty-five-year digital marketing veteran and industry thought leader. After working for fifteen years in enterprise web programming, design, and marketing services he founded Interact Marketing in November 2007 and is currently the company CEO, visionary, and public speaker. He is also a contributing author on Forbes, Huffington Post, and In December of 2017, Interact's parent company also acquired Slingshot SEO.
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